Run To The Beat 10km Training – Part 2

Weeks 3 and 4 of the 6 week training programme are done. And they’ve largely been a bit of a disaster (with a few moments of glory). We’ve been having our bathroom redone so I’ve spent the last couple of weeks moving round between my brother’s flat (thanks Jonny and Sam!), my parents (thanks Mum and Dad!) and my boyfriend’s parents (thanks Sylvia and Tony!). I’ve also had a cold so running has completely taken a back seat… 

Week 3:

Monday – Rest day – Yep, rested so hard

Tuesday – 25 minutes (hard) – Managed 22 minutes up and down the hills of Hendon. It reminded me how flat Hackney is and how I’m not used to hills! 

Wednesday – Rest day – Rested the hell out of Wednesday

Thursday – 35 minutes (moderate) – Nope

Friday – 25 minutes (easy) – Again, nope

Saturday – Rest day – Aced this one

Sunday – 45 minutes – Ummmmmmm nope

Week 4:

Monday – Rest or cross-train – Switched this with tomorrow’s run and did 4km in 29 minutes up and down the hills in Radlett. It was pouring with rain (which I normally love) and I had a stabbing stitch but it felt good to be back out and over my cold

Tuesday – 25 minutes fartleks/hills – Rested hard

Wednesday – Rest day – 4.5km in 32.50 minutes up and down the hills in Hendon with Amy (massive props to Amy who hadn’t run in a year but kept up!)

Thursday – 40 minutes (moderate) – This just didn’t happen but I did stay up until midnight painting my new bathroom if that counts?

Friday – 25 minutes (easy) – Ran on the treadmill at the gym as it was the only way I could fit it in. I HATE treadmill running, it’s so boring and monotonous. But needs must I guess

Saturday – Rest day – Switched around my weekend runs as I went out on Saturday night and didn’t fancy a long run on a hangover… Heron and I nailed out 7.3km in 52 minutes which is the longest that I’ve ever run. Well proud of myself… 

Sunday – 50-55 minutes – Well deserved rest day!

2 weeks to go until the race and I’m going to draw my (time)line in the sand. I’m going to be aiming for under 70 minutes which is about the pace that I’m currently running at. Seeing as I’ve never run 10k before, whatever I manage will be a PB!