learning how to yonce

Have you ever seen a baby elephant trying to take its first steps? Well imagine that. On ice. And that is largely how I look when I dance. 

However, part of my new healthy lifestyle is to try out new fitness classes and so when a friend asked if I wanted to learn how to dance like Beyonce (one of my favourite ladies), I was in. 

We booked in with Seen On Screen Fitness who offer dance-based classes all around London and went along to a Why Don’t you Love Me class at the YMCA club on Tottenham Court road. 

Bonnie, the founder of SOS, welcomed us in and warned us that for the next 90 minutes we had to channel our own personal Sasha Fierce. I was nervous.

We went straight into a dance-like warmup which had our heart rates pounding and a ‘sexy’ sheen of sweat covering our faces. Then came the choreography. 

Bonnie was great. She explained each section in full, taking us through the steps over and over again until we got it. After each section we would run through it at full speed with the music, adding the new section one each time. My apparent inability to coordinate my legs and arms was cancelled out by the massive very un-Beyonce like grin on my face. And don’t get me started on trying to do body rolls or ‘graining on that wood’….

At the end of the class we split into groups and performed the whole dance for each other with cat calls and shouts of encouragement. It was delightful. 


When? Every weekend

Where? Canary Wharf, Tottenham Court Road & Clapham

How much? £18 for each class. It’s not cheap but it’s a great workout and so much fun!

Also, here’s Beyonce being amazing for nearly 15 minutes. You’re very welcome.

My Fitness kit list

It should come as no surprise to you that I’ve been a big fan of shopping, spending money I don’t have and coveting other people’s clothes for years. My only problem now is that this obsession has turned to fitness kit.

Seeing as it’s something that I put on at least once a day, it’s not really that much of a shock!

Here’s a round up of my current kit list, guaranteed to make you look fitter, sexier and like you know what you’re doing…

1)      Saucony Kinvara 5 LDN trainers

I’ve been a big fan of Saucony’s for a few months now since I was paired with a beautiful pair of Omni 12s that stop my annoying over-pronating feet from doing too much damage to my knees. However, these new Kinvara 5s are something else… Made specially for the 2014 London Marathon, they’re an eye-catching red, black and gold and they’re obviously limited edition. Get yours at the Neal Street pop-up store 3rd-21st April and hurry, sizes are selling out fast! RRP £105


2)      Forever 21 leggings

There is plenty of activewear on the market that is overpriced (IMHO) but Forever 21, everyone’s favourite American version of Primark, has introduced a great range of affordable activewear. The leggings are my favourite as they do plain ones, crazy patterned ones, yoga ones, harem ones and lounge ones. So many types… Not only do they look good but they also come with moisture-wicking tech and performance designs. Pick them up online or in store at one of eight stores around the UK. RRP from £8.25 – £18.75


3)      Marks and Spencer sports bras

Although I’ve come some way from that first embarrassing bra fitting that my mum dragged me to, I still haven’t found a sports bra that can beat M&S on comfort and durability. Granted, I’m right towards the smaller end of the scale in this department but the elasticity and support that these simple crop tops provide is perfect for moderate impact exercise. Find them online or at most M&S stores, RRP from £12.50

4)      American Apparel tank tops

Call me old school but I like to wear a bit of cotton when I workout. These American Apparel tanks, while not the cheapest, are definitely the best feeling. They’re light, come in a good range of colours and the racer back cut is very flattering. Always a bonus when you’re looking your best with sweat pouring down your face… Get yours online or at any American Apparel store round the UK. RRP £16.00


5)      Yoga mat

A yoga mat is an essential piece of kit, even if you don’t always use it for yoga! I use mine to do my home workouts/yoga/pilates on as well as taking it to picnics and using it as a sleeping mat (when I camp. Which is hardly ever…). Mine is a USA Pro mat and is very basic but for a RRP of £6.99 you can’t go that wrong!

And finally, for your viewing pleasure, here’s a photo of me trying to look fierce before my Seen On Screen Beyonce dance class… Review coming soon!