Run To The Beat 10km Training – Part 3

I’ve (nearly) reached the end! I’m now 3 days away from the big race and I’m feeling very calm, prepared and rather excited which I never thought would happen. Anyway, here’s how the previous couple of week’s worth of training has gone:

Week 5:

Monday: Rest or x-train – Quick 2.5km run to the gym followed by Mash Up (30 minute circuits + 30 minutes boxing)

Tuesday: 25 minutes fartleks/hill training – only managed 2km with 1 sprint session before I got a horrible stitch and had to walk the rest of the way home

Wednesday: Rest – felt too energetic so I did a 30 minute PT session followed by 60 minute boxing session

Thursday:  45 minutes (moderate) – felt a bit sore so I walked 5 miles and stretched out my legs

Friday: 25 minutes (easy) – still feeling sore from Wednesday so I cycled my 5 mile commute and ate a burrito

Saturday: Rest – I knew I was going out on Saturday night so I squeezed in my last long run, 8.3km, early on Saturday morning. Despite getting a horrible stitch at 5.5km I struggled through and felt pretty good by the end

Sunday: 55-60 minutes – Hungover. As planned

Week 6:

Monday: Rest/x train – I tried out Kate @ Form Fitness’ new class, #PumpSweatBurn and I did all of these for an hour. Top class!

Tuesday: 25 minutes (easy) – Wasn’t on top form so walked home and had some comfort food, a bath and an early night

Wednesday: Rest – Nailed it

Thursday: 35 minutes (easy) – I’ve cycled for half an hour and I’ve got a 30 minute PT session this evening

I’ll be resting Friday and Saturday, ready to shake the little legs off on Sunday and blast through the 10k.