I’m finally at the halfway point

Someone around here passed their Level 2 Gym Instructor course today. I’ll give you 2 guesses as to who it was… Oh yes! IT WAS ME!! 

I’m a bit pleased with myself, can you tell? As someone whose strength really lies in written exams and essays, practical assessments scare me like nothing else. I couldn’t sleep or eat before the assessment day and I panicked the entire way there and while I was waiting. 

And then I stepped onto the gym floor and felt invincible. Suddenly everything felt natural and like I’d been doing it for years. What was I worrying about?! 

I take it for granted now what I can do, from running a 10k race to even just walking 3-4 hours across the countryside without breaking a sweat. So sometimes I like to remind myself of how far I’ve come, mentally and physically. 

The next part of my course starts in 10 days and I’m excited to get stuck in and finally qualify as a Personal Trainer by January. Watch this space….